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18 November 2011: Cast Your Vote and Help us Win a 20,000 USD Grant for Conservation

3 March 2011: Three New Species of Reef Fish Discovered at Misool Eco Resort

16 November 2010: Our Petition Results in Raja Ampat Shark Sanctuary AND our No-Take Zone is expanded to 1220 sq km!

20 June 2010: A Petition to Protect Sharks and Mantas in Raja Ampat

10 May 2010: The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly

2 March 2010: Saving Daram - tripling the size of our No-Take Zone with help from The Seven Seas

16 January 2010: Announcing the winner, and lots of juicy details about critters we're seeing on our dives

15 December 2009: Support our Ranger Patrol and win a free trip to Misool Eco Resort

15 November 2009: We win, we win, WE WIN!!!!

11 October 2009: Mantas, new transport vessel, and MORE MANTAS!

24 June 2009: Winter arrives in Raja Ampat. We batten down the hatches and check our math.

7 April 2009: NewsFlash from our HouseReef

3 March 2009 : Film Crews, Marsupials, Turtle Babies, and School Fees

27 January 2009: A Repeat Reptilian Guest, Another Sad Catch for our Ranger Patrol, and a feature in National Geographic Adventure Magazine!

17 January 2009: Shifting Sands and Changing Seasons

7 January 2009: An Unexpected Reptilian Guest Checks In

10 December 2008: Misool Eco Resort's conservation efforts noted on

5 December 2008: Misool Eco Resort gets down to business

15 October 2008: Holy Smokes, we're open!

5 August 2008: Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner!

29 July 2008: Last chance to win a free holiday!

8 June 2008: Donate to our Misool Ranger Project and win a free stay at Misool Eco Resort!

1 April 2008: Our Community Reef Regeneration Project and Wooing the She-Spirit of the Island

14 February 2008: First Photos from the Water Cottage Bathroom

27 December 2007: A Visit to Primary Rainforest... and the City Dump

21 December 2007: First Reef View Cottage and Staff Quarters Built

November 2007: The Restaurant's new Roof

October 2007: Andrew and Marit get hitched, first bungalow just a few nails short of completion

August 2007: Secret Jellyfish Lakes and (nearly) Forgotten Petroglyphs

June/July 2007: Misool Eco Resort Featured in Asian Geographic Magazine for Anti-Shark Finning Measures

May 2007: One Year into the Project... ADEX in Bangkok

April 2007: Shark Finning Story Featuring MER in Scuba Diving Magazine

March 2007: First Underwater Footage from MER's House Reef, New MER Video

February 2007: Report from Marit's Trip to Batbitim - Collecting and Transplanting Wild Orchids

January 2007: Andrew Encounters Shark Finners Inside our Marine Protected Area

December 2006: A Skeptic Takes a Dousing Rod for a Test Drive, Progress on Establishing an MPA

November 2006: Ramadan Blues Alleviated by the Arrival of our First Dive Compressor + Tanks

October 2006: Turtle Nesting Beaches, Tenacious Boils, and and Engagement

August 2006: Back in Sorong for More Building Supplies... And a Badly Needed Shower

July 2006: GROUNDBREAKING! June 2006: Introducing Lucy, our very own Sawmill

May 2006: Buying a Satellite phone, Outboard Engine, and a Boat

April 2006: Misool Eco Resort's Debut at ADEX in Singapore

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