meet the staff

We have a dedicated team that has been together since our beginning

Most of our local staff come from Yellu, the village from which we've leased our island. Quite a few are from Fafanlap, another nearby village. Most of the staff members you'll meet working in the restaurant, driving the speed boats, and making up the rooms helped in the construction of Misool Eco Resort.

andrew miners

Andrew Miners, managing director and founder

Andrew holds a BA (1993) from Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK. His very first dive was in February 1991 in a fast moving, frigid river the north of England. Through the murk, he spotted some tattered leaves, a nondescript brown fish, and lots of litter. Miners was hooked.

The following year, he became a qualified BSAC diver and fled the UK in search of balmier climes and more colourful fish. He became a PADI divemaster in Thailand in 1994 and a BSAC Dive Leader in 1995. The same year, he started work as a PADI dive instructor. Moving steadily towards the equator, Miners has worked as a dive instructor and dive shop manager in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

In 1999, Miners started his own dive liveaboard business in Indonesia on his 60 ft wooden ketch Felidae. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, he’s sailed and dived the across the entire 5,000 km length of Indonesia. Miners spent three years as a manager and dive guide on the area's only year-round live-aboard, Shakti. After a decade’s worth of peregrinations from the blustery north of England to the wild hinterlands of West Papua, Miners now calls Raja Ampat home.

You can contact Andrew at andy(at)misoolecoresort(dot)com.

marit miners


Marit Miners, director of sales and marketing and cofounder


Marit was born in a little Swedish town within spitting distance of the Arctic Circle, and two years later her nomadic life began. She grew up in the US and received her undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology from Columbia University, Barnard College in New York City.

Her graduate degree in Paleaopathology was permanently derailed in July 2000 when a brief holiday in Thailand introduced her to yoga and diving. Five years later, she visited Raja Ampat on a liveaboard. Andrew brought her to a beautiful deserted island called Batbitim and declared his intention to build a resort there. Marit didn't quite believe him but was curious enough to stick around to hear more...

You can contact Marit at marit(at)misoolecoresort(dot)com.

bapak mohammed


Bapak Mohammed, community officer and Ranger


Bapak Mohammad Loji was born in Yellu Village, and attended primary school while the area was still under Dutch control. He is the village elder representative on our staff, and we call him simply 'Bapak,' or 'Father.' He is an invaluable cultural ambassador and resource about local history and traditions. He has made the 90 nautical-mile journey to Sorong paddling a dug-out canoe. The trip took him a week, but these were the days before sugar, rice, and clothing could be had in Yellu. He says he was impressed with the big city of Sorong, but found it too hectic to stay for long. He has also made the trip under 8 metre high sails which he wove from pandanus leaves.

Bapak was one of Misool Eco Resort's first five employees. He has been instrumental in conveying our intentions and ideas to the village of Yellu, and also in helping us understand the culture in which we're operating. He also regularly joins our Ranger Patrol.

jainudin bahale




Jainudin Bahale, Community Liaison


Jainudin Bahale, known as 'Pak Din,' was born in Yellu Village, and is the younger brother of the Village Chief. Before coming to Misool Eco Resort, Pak Din worked as a chainsaw operator. He's also worked as a commercial diver in Northern Raja Ampat, collecting sea cucumbers on the sea floor with nothing more than a regulator, a very long hose, and some weights. He has recently completed an open water dive course is an extremely competent and enthusiastic diver.

Pak Din has been a key player in explaining the benefits of our No-Take Zone to the younger members of the Yellu community. The village has a tradition of opening and closing fishing seasons in order to ensure productive harvests, but this is an unfamiliar concept for the newcomers in the village and the younger generation.

When he's not patiently fielding questions about Bahasa Misool, the local village language, Pak Din mans the Ranger Patrol.

Mark Atkinson general manager


Mark Atkinson, General Manager


Mark originally hails from New Zealand. He has managed remote resorts in Fiji and the Maldives, and also managed dive centres in New Zealand and Australia.  He also initiated the Lady Elliot Manta Study in Australia.  

Mark has a diploma in marine studies and is both a NAUI and PADI instructor. Mark is also very pleased with his most recent posting as Chief Quality Control Agent in our pastry kitchen.

You can reach Mark at mark(at)misoolecoresort(dot)com.

Sue Taylor Assistant General Manager


Sue Taylor, Assistant General Manager

Sue, originally from Canada, speaks fluent French, English, and Spanish. Apart from managing remote resorts, Sue has worked as Marine Specialist at resorts in the Maldives. Prior to this, she managed a remote heli-skiing centre in Canada.

You can reach Sue at sue(at)misoolecoresort(dot)com.

calvin beale


Calvin Beale, guest operations manager


Calvin's first encounter with diving was in a chilly swimming pool in England. He completed his Dive Master training in Mexico, about which time he realised that a career in computer science and artificial intelligence was not for him. He quickly changed course, completing his dive Instructor course in a lake in the UK and started his degree program in Coastal Marine Biology at Hull University.

Upon completing his degree, Calvin took a job with a conservation organisation in the Wakatobi, and then later moved to Raja Ampat to teach the Fisheries Department staff how to dive. Shortly there after, Calvin moved to Komodo and started the Komodo Manta Project. His research has now expanded to include Misool Eco Resort's mantas.

You can reach Calvin at calvin(at)misoolecoresort(dot)com.



Sahul, resident kid


Sahul was born in May 2012. His main interests include snorkeling around in the lagoon, building sand volcanos on the beach, and looking for dinosaurs.




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