kayaking in raja ampat

kayaking in raja ampat

Raja Ampat is an incredibly rich place to explore, both below and above the water

We offer several excursion packages designed to bring you closer to Raja Ampat's flora, fauna, and people. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Village Tour: The local villages, where most of our staff are from, are located about 1 hour and 15 minutes northwest of Misool Eco Resort. As a traditional Papuan village, much of the activity takes place out of doors. You can expect to see lots of friendly and curious faces, betel nuts drying on racks, dug-out canoes being built, nets being repaired, goats, kittens, and children posing for photos. Don't forget your camera.
  • Romantic Beach Castaway Experience: we'll drop you off on one of our private beaches for an afternoon of romance. Just you and your sweety on a secluded beach under the palm trees with a couple of loungers, a beach umbrella, and a cooler full of frosty refreshments. The details of how you spend your afternoon are up to you...
  • Ancient Petroglyphs and Labyrinthine Lagoons: located about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the resort, the big island of Misool fractures into craggy shards of karst, creating a wild labyrinth of turquoise lagoons dotted with small islands. The water is scattered with tiny mushroom-shaped outcroppings draped in pitcher-plants and wild orchids. We'll weave between the islands in search of ancient petroglyphs, estimated to be about 5,000 years old. You'll see ancient ritual images of dolphins, fish, human hands, and many other mysterious ones. Archaeologists speculate that the images were made as spiritual invocations. On our way home, there's always the option to stop at a beach for a refreshing swim and possibly a snorkel.
  • Light Birdwatching Cruise: This cruise is best undertaken just before sunset. We'll circumnavigate our resort island by boat, heading south from the jetty. The journey takes about 1-1.5 hours, and we often see pairs of sulfur-crested cockatoos, hornbills, parrots, lories, sea eagles, brahminy kites, and kingfishers. Bring binoculars!
  • Mangroves and Deserted Beaches: We'll journey north-west by speedboat for about 20 minutes to an island called Sapenipnu, where we'll bring the boat right into the shallow mangroves. If we're lucky, we'll encounter a colony of roosting flying foxes, or fruit bats. Even though they're nocturnal, you'll hear their screeching and chattering from a long way off. We'll carry on to a nearby beach for a short walk. Keep your eyes peeled for green turtle nests, monitor lizards, and nesting sea birds. The snorkeling on the surrounding shallow reef is also fantastic!

You can download a full list of excursions here. Click on an album to the right to see more images.


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