our mission

our dive resort mission

We are deeply committed to a policy of environmental and social responsibility

We seek to provide exceptional and enriching experiences in a sustainable environment, for our guests as well as our staff. We aim to protect and revitalise both our natural surroundings and the community in which we operate. We are committed to demonstrating to our hosts, our guests, and the local government that tourism can support a local economy with much more favourable terms than mining, logging, overfishing, or shark finning.

Here are some of the initiatives we're most proud of:


  • with the full cooperation of the local community, we established a 425 sq km No-Take Zone surrounding Misool Eco Resort in 2005.
  • In October of 2010, we expanded the area to 1,220 sq km (465 sq mi)
  • This area is regularly patrolled by local Rangers to prevent all types of fishing, long lining, netting, etc
  • Our conservation arm, Misool Baseftin, is a registered Indonesian charitable foundation


Community: the conservation of this delicate ecosystem is critical for a multitude of reasons, including the survival and well being of its human inhabitants. We believe that the conservation of this ecosystem is absolutely vital to the economic and cultural survival of Raja Ampat's indigenous people.

  • our resort island and the surrounding No-Take Zone were contracted directly from the local surrounding villages
  • whenever possible, we hire locally.
  • we provide extensive job training and offer many opportunities for advancement. Most of the service staff you'll meet started as unskilled labourers, and have received several years of hands-on training to reach their current position.
  • we educate our local staff on the importance of conservation to their community
  • we offer favourable employment terms, approved by the local department of labour as well as our workers themselves
  • all of our workers are offered health insurance for themselves and their families
  • whenever possible, we buy locally
  • we sponsor several village councils
  • we sponsor 6 local teachers
  • we provide school materials and library books to the schools
  • our local staff educate us about local remedies, traditions, wildlife patterns, secret lagoons, Indonesian language, and Misool language



  • our resort was built from 100% reclaimed tropical hardwoods. Our team has milled over 600 cubits of wood in our own portable sawmill. We are very proud that we managed to build a beautiful resort without cutting down a single tree
  • all our reclaimed wood has been purchased directly from local people rather than logging conglomerates
  • most of the fine carpentry and furniture has been crafted on-site by our team using our own eco-lumber.
  • our jetty is constructed from salvaged 22-inch metal pipes
  • we've engineered our structures to achieve optimum balance between energy efficiency and comfort.
  • whenever possible, we've used natural, environmentally sound materials.
  • Roofs are made of natural 'alang alang' grass thatch. It's a locally made product, and an excellent insulator against the heat
  • the cottages have deep verandas and low roof lines, decreasing the amount of solar heat which enters the building
  • the steeply pitched roofs and open eaves create a natural ventilation system.
  • cavity walls are insulated with coconut fibres and treated with borax, a natural termite deterrent.
  • whenever possible, we use natural finishing products such as teak oil rather than varnishes and chemical sealants



  • we're doing what we can to minimise our consumption of fossil fuels. Whenever possible we've chosen low-energy appliances like air conditioners, fans, and lights
  • we are currently experimenting with a wind turbine and solar panels. We hope to shift much of the burden away from diesel generators and back to renewable power sources
  • our Plantation is still in its early stages, but we hope to provide more and more of our own produce, diminishing our reliance on goods shipped in from Sorong



  • water is very scarce at Misool Eco Resort, and we ask our guests and staff to do their part in minimising its consumption.
  • we collect rainwater. For back up, we have also installed a desalination unit.
  • we use water-saving shower heads and taps
  • rather than washing linens and towels daily, we wash them upon request
  • we use natural cleaning products like good ol' fashioned borax, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and elbow grease.



  • grey and black water is treated through natural waste water gardens. The naturally occurring bacteria on the roots break down the waste into safe components.
  • we compost all our kitchen scraps, which makes great fertilizer for our organic kitchen gardens. And it keeps the monitor lizards happy
  • we avoid using pesticides and herbicides. We spritz our plants and trees with an unsavoury mix of tobacco and water. Bugs find it abhorrent.
  • inorganic matter is returned to Sorong for proper recycling and disposal
  • we try minimise the amount of toxins and preservatives released into our system by supplying our guests and staff with biodegradable soaps and shampoos
  • our island is free of disposable plastic water bottles.
  • we ask our guests to think carefully when they're packing and leave disposable plastic lighters, plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc, at home
  • we ask our guests to please bring home all used batteries - Indonesia does not offer proper battery recycling facilities

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