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"In the context of my work with Conservation International in Raja Ampat, I'm fortunate to have had occasion to dive the Fiabacet reefs of SE Misool on a roughly biannual basis since 2003. During this time, I've been delighted to see that the strong efforts of Misool Eco Resort to protect these world-class reefs have been highly successful in improving the fish biomass in the area. Over the past year and a half in particular, I've noticed a dramatic increase in the number of juvenile snappers, groupers, and Napoleon wrasse on the Fiabacet reefs - a most encouraging result of the implementation of a community agreement for a no-fishing zone in the area. I salute Misool Eco Resort for their impressive efforts - keep up the great work!"

-Dr. Mark Erdmann, Senior Advisor, Conservation International Indonesia Marine Program

"...a noble and wild style endeavour if ever I saw one. It's inspiring to see just what a bit of punk DIY ingenuity and steely will can achieve."

-Johnny Langenheim


"Loads of divers dream of owning a resort in an island paradise in the tropics surrounded by pristine coral reefs and lots of fish. When out at sea, palm trees and sunshine seem to make our brains go funny and think within the lines of “what if I buy an island and live on it and dive all day long? And while I‘m at it, protect the body of water I’m in so I can benefit from it the rest of my life?” Sounds mad and an escape from reality? But the fact is, dreams do come true. And when you put your mind, soul and body into it, Misool Eco Resort is what comes out of dreams."

-Stella and Jürgen Freund


"We’ve dived throughout Indonesia and nowhere approaches Raja Ampat’s underwater beauty. The diversity of fish, corals, sponges and other life is truly breathtaking. It’s fantastic that Misool Eco Resort is so passionate and committed to preserving the unique Raja Ampat environment. They have done a wonderful job in building an attractive, comfortable resort that has a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. The establishment of the No Take Fishing Zone is perhaps their greatest achievement, and the Zone’s value will grow with time. MER plays a vital role in educating guests and local people about the irreplaceable beauty of Raja Ampat."

-Lily and Farquhar


"Snorkeling at Misool Eco Resort was the BEST I've ever experienced. I have been chasing the best locations for years, with many trips to various locales in Sulawesi, Lombok, Sumatra, Nias/Mentawai Islands, Bali, Belize, Hawaii, Mexico, etc. etc. and your location is in first place."

-Ray Henton


"When underwater photographers close their eyes and dream about the ultimate coral reef, most likely the stunning underwater panoramas surrounding Misool Eco Resort are the images running through their minds. We have been diving this area since 2002, and its abundance and diversity continues to amaze us.
On numerous dives we've ceased photographing and simply drifted, cameras by our sides, with the endless parade of marine life. It is comforting to know that in a time of worldwide reef decline a place like Fiabacet exists, wild and untouched, because Misool Eco Resort and its local partners have emphasised preservation and protection over profit."

-Maurine Shimlock and Burt Jones, Secret Sea Visions

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